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FAQs - Answering Your Common Questions About OOKA

FAQs - Answering Your Common Questions About OOKA

By Admin / October 13, 2023

Are you curious about OOKA and how it fits into your shisha experience? Here are answers to some of the most common questions about OOKA to help you better understand this innovative shisha alternative.

1. What is OOKA, and how does it work?

OOKA is a modern shisha alternative that provides a cleaner and more convenient way to enjoy shisha. It works by heating shisha molasses within a pod to the optimum temperature, producing the most enjoyable clouds and eliminating the need for charcoal. OOKA devices use innovative temperature control technology to ensure a consistent and enjoyable shisha experience.

2. Are OOKA pods available in different flavors?

Yes, OOKA offers a wide range of shisha flavors to suit various preferences. From traditional fruit flavors like refreshing Blueberry and invigorating Lemon Mint to unique blends such as the tantalizing Al Fakher Magic Love and the tea-based Zodiac zero nicotine flavors, there's something for everyone. Explore our diverse flavor options, including the iconic Al Fakher Two Apples, to discover a world of taste sensations that will elevate your shisha experience to new heights.

3. Is OOKA safer than traditional shisha?

OOKA is designed with safety in mind. It eliminates the need for open flames and charcoal, reducing the risk associated with traditional shisha and producing zero carbon monoxide emissions. OOKA pods also contain fewer harmful chemicals, making OOKA the cleanest alternative to conventional shisha.

*This does not mean OOKA is risk-free.

Source: Based on laboratory aerosol tests conducted, CO was below the laboratory detection limit of 0.000097 mg/ml. This does not mean that OOKA is risk-free.

**This does not necessarily mean an equivalent reduction in risk. Reductions in levels of a range of harmful chemicals compared to clouds from shisha with charcoal and perforated foil.

Source: Based on laboratory aerosol tests of cloud from shisha with charcoal and perforated foil and cloud from OOKA.

4. Can I use OOKA indoors?

Yes, you can use OOKA indoors without worrying about the mess or the need for extensive setup. Its charcoal-free design eliminates the presence of any bad odor that is caused by charcoal, making it suitable for indoor use and allowing you to enjoy shisha comfortably in various settings.

5. How long does an OOKA pod last?

An OOKA pod typically lasts for an entire session, which can extend up to 70 minutes. This extended duration ensures you enjoy a seamless shisha experience without the need for refills or coal changes.

6. Can I travel with OOKA?

Absolutely! OOKA is designed for portability, making it an ideal portable shisha companion for your adventures. Its compact size and sleek design ensure you can enjoy shisha on the go. Just pack your OOKA device and your favorite pods, and you're ready to travel. 

OOKA backpacks are also available with separate compartments and a designated place for your OOKA device and accessories, making it easier for you to take your OOKA adventures wherever you go.

7. Are OOKA pods available with nicotine?

Yes, OOKA offers both nicotine and tea-based Zodiac nicotine-free pod options, catering to different preferences. Whether you enjoy the nicotine rush or prefer a non-nicotine experience, OOKA has you covered.

8. How do I clean and maintain my OOKA device?

Cleaning your OOKA device is simple. DO NOT wash the OOKA device body, which is the top half of your device. You can wash the water tank and hose whenever necessary and clean the inside of the device with the brush that comes in the box. Cleaning your device with tha brush provided in the box and removing the used pod is necessary after every session. To learn more about cleaning your OOKA, watch this illustrative cleaning video.

9. How do I put OOKA in Travel Mode?

You can put your OOKA in Travel Mode by following these simple steps:

  1. Disconnect your OOKA from the charger.
  2. Open the lid.
  3. Press and hold the power button.
  4. Observe the lights at the top; they will turn solid green.
  5. After approximately 15 seconds, when the lights start to flash, release the power button.
  6. Close the lid.

Your OOKA will now be in Travel Mode. Please note that the power button won't work in this mode unless you connect OOKA to the charger and charge it to "wake it up."

10. Where can I purchase OOKA products?

You can purchase OOKA devices and pods through OOKA's official website and authorized retailers, such as My Vapery.

11. Can I refill the pod?

No. OOKA pods are exclusively made with OOKA formulations to ensure you enjoy the best experience. Each pod has an intelligent microchip that automatically programs OOKA to heat up to a specific temperature profile. This ensures that each pod delivers its optimal flavors and sensations.

If you have any inquiries regarding OOKA, don't hesitate to contact our customer support team. OOKA aims to elevate and contemporize your shisha experience, allowing you to explore the future of shisha enjoyment today!

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