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Ramadan Night Shisha Experience with OOKA

Ramadan Night Shisha Experience with OOKA

By Admin / March 18, 2024

Embrace the vibrant Ramadan festivities after breaking your fast at sundown as the air becomes infused with a sense of spirituality and celebration. As Ramadan nights in Dubai come alive, so do social gatherings with shisha, and what better way to embrace the Ramadan vibes than by indulging in a unique shisha experience with OOKA? Explore exclusive venues around town that serve the remarkable OOKA shisha, blending tradition and modern elegance to create the perfect setting for your Ramadan nights. Here are our top picks for Iftar and Suhoor:

1. Discover a Fusion of Tradition and Innovation at The Majlis at DWTC

The Majlis at Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) is a beacon of tradition and innovation where you can indulge in a luxurious Ramadan setting from dusk to dawn. Choose from three Iftar and Suhoor areas with prayer rooms, kids' play area, and VIP parking from 15th March and gather around for exceptional Ramadan meals in a luxurious, vibrant Majlis, providing unforgettable Ramadan nights. The subtle aroma of shisha mingles with the rich cultural ambiance, creating a harmonious atmosphere perfect for a tranquil Ramadan night. The modern technology of the charcoal-free shisha blends seamlessly with the timeless ambiance of the Majlis, offering a shisha experience that transcends expectations and perfectly complements exquisite Middle Eastern Iftar dishes.

2. Luxurious Ramadan Nights with OOKA at Emirates Palace Ramadan Tent

Bask in the epitome of luxury at Emirates Palace’s exclusive Majlis by the Sea and savor enticing shisha clouds at a picturesque beachside outdoor terrace on a cozy Ramadan evening. Enrich your stay with luxurious Ramadan nights featuring an exceptional Iftar buffet by the sea and daily Suhoor credit of AED 100 per room until the 8th of April. Kick back with Arabic instrumental live music while inhaling your favorite OOKA flavors for a perfect Arabian ambiance. Skip to the good part by avoiding the hassles of typical shisha setups with the best portable shisha, and immerse yourself in an unmatched shisha experience at a venue that merges Middle Eastern cuisine with stunning beachside views.

3. A Futuristic Twist to Ramadan Nights at Expo City Dubai

Embrace the innovative spirit of Expo City Dubai that sets the stage for futuristic Ramadan nights at Oasis Food Hall and Alkebulan Food Hall. Cherish impeccable Iftar and Suhoor experiences throughout the holy month of Ramadan from 5 PM till 1 AM at Oasis Food Hall, featuring hearty soups and salads along with versatile main dishes and delectable desserts for distinctive tastes with prices starting from AED 90. 

Meanwhile, African vibes and rich cultural heritage take over the Alkebulan Food Hall at Jubilee Park from 11 AM to 8 PM and open till 10 PM on weekends. Featuring various menus for all age groups with wholesome dishes, the dining hall portrays the diversity of African culture through an extravaganza of food, music, and design. Delight in the versatile OOKA flavor pods from Al Fakher flavors catering to various preferences to enjoy your all-time favorites at the festive special event, Hai Ramadan. Indulge in a surreal Iftar experience in the lineup against the mesmerizing water feature, with numerous restaurants offering special Iftar & Suhoor menus. As you revel in the vibrant atmosphere and live performances, let OOKA be your companion in your journey through the intersection of tradition and modernity.

4. Dive into Seaside Shisha Serenity at Samakje Harbour

Located at Nakheel Mall Rooftop, Samakje Harbour provides a captivating backdrop where you can escape the city hustle and get lost in the coastal vibes of this portside sanctuary. Enjoy the sea breeze as you savor the enticing OOKA flavors amidst the relaxing ambiance of the Palm Jumeirah beachfront, allowing you to unwind in a perfect Ramadan night of pure tranquility with a distinctive Iftar menu from sundown till 8:30 pm, boasting an Iftar buffet for AED 169 and mouthwatering Suhoor options till dawn.

On top of these exclusive spots, there are diverse lounges and venues that include the contemporary allure of the OOKA device on their Ramadan nights all over the UAE. Choose from versatile locations and special offerings that suit various moods and preferences, and let shisha clouds take over your senses for a dash of cultural richness on your Ramadan nights.

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