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Travel Guide: OOKA On-the-Go for Shisha Lovers

Travel Guide: OOKA On-the-Go for Shisha Lovers

By Admin / December 22, 2023

Take your shisha experience beyond the confines of your home and savor the delightful pleasure wherever you go. Let OOKA be your go-to travel companion, whether you're a seasoned traveler or going on a weekend getaway. The freedom to enjoy your favorite pastime knows no bounds with OOKA's compact design and range of flavors, which open a world of unlimited possibilities, making it the ultimate shisha alternative. Explore some essential travel tips as we delve into this guide to ensure you make the most of your adventure.

Determine Your Destination

With conventional shisha settings, traveling meant you needed to bring a smaller hookah gear to save space in your luggage, considering its weight and how to organize it, not to mention other shisha essentials like charcoal, shisha molasses, shisha bowls, and more. 

With OOKA, it's hassle-free, thanks to its small size, prepacked pods, and increased portability that allow you to bring the joy of shisha wherever you go, whether going on a short getaway, a road trip, or flying abroad.

OOKA rids you of the need to overpack hookah gear or bowls. It features a standout compact design for utmost convenience, ensuring you have a portable shisha as your ideal travel buddy. With OOKA’s flavor pods, you won’t need to worry about packing charcoal or molasses, as each pod is packed with the right amount of molasses to last an entire session.

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Prepare Ahead for Safe Transportation

Ensure your OOKA is clean and dry before you pack it for transportation. Keep out of children’s reach and pack the device in a dry, low-moisture environment. You can easily place it in travel mode if traveling long distances or flying abroad. If you don’t know how to put your OOKA device in travel mode, please refer to the manual that comes with your device or the OOKA Help and FAQs page for more information.

Let OOKA be Your Companion for the Ride

Whether going on a beach getaway, a road trip with friends, or having a BBQ in your summer house, OOKA is there to join you for the ride. Your OOKA backpack will come in handy, packed with your small portable shisha, especially if you’re not going with your own car. 

The backpack is designed from durable materials with multiple compartments and pockets for your OOKA device, pods, and chargers, ensuring you stay away from the hassle of packing heavy shisha gear.

Make sure you have enough OOKA pods to last for how long you’ll be staying, and you can easily savor high-quality shisha molasses wherever you go. Remember, OOKA’s reliable battery can last for up to 3 hours when fully charged, which means you can have 3 shisha sessions without the need to recharge if you’re outdoors without any power source.

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Double the Fun with Adventure Companions

Don’t forget to pack the OOKA 360-rotating base to create timeless memories and share the fun with friends and loved ones. This feature allows you to easily find the perfect angle for setup, ensuring stability and seamless sharing. The rotating base adapts to various surfaces, providing a consistent and enjoyable shisha session. 

Set up your OOKA at a scenic viewpoint, during a camping trip, or at a cozy Airbnb. Let the communal enjoyment of shisha enhance your travel experiences as you savor premium shisha molasses. OOKA turns any gathering into a memorable and shared shisha adventure.

Savor Shisha Delight in Every Climate

OOKA is up to the climate challenge; its efficient temperature control ensures a smooth and flavorful session regardless of the weather. No need to worry about climate differences across countries; whether you take it out in the heat of a summer day or the chill of a winter evening, OOKA’s heat management system adapts to your surroundings. Savor unlimited shisha pleasure in any kind of weather to beat the heat or embrace the cold.

OOKA unlocks a world of possibilities for shisha lovers who crave the freedom to indulge in timeless pleasures. Enhance your travel experience with a portable OOKA as your travel companion. Let every journey become an opportunity to indulge in the pleasures of shisha, adding a touch of familiarity and joy to your adventures.

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