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Got Questions? Explore Our FAQs


Purchasing, Shipping & Billing FAQs

Can you tell me more about shipping within the UAE? 

Deliveries will be handled and packaged by our partner Swftbox.

Is international shipping available? 

Currently, OOKA delivery services are available within the UAE only.

We're continuously expanding, and in the future, we have exciting plans to introduce international delivery options as well.

What payment methods are available? 

a) Credit card (Visa/Mastercard).

b) Cash on delivery.

c) Card payment on delivery.

d) Tabby - Pay in 4 Installments, with no interest.

e) Tamara - Split in 4 payments. No interest. No late fees. Available only for basket up to 1'999 AED.

What if my card payment is declined? 

There are many reasons a card might be declined. You can always use another payment method like cash on delivery or paying by card on delivery.

If you still have problems, please contact customer service via the live chat on the website or by emailing:

When will my card be charged? 

You will be charged when you place your order unless you choose to pay with card or cash on delivery.

Can I view my order online? 

Yes. To view your current or previous order(s), log in to your OOKA account, and click View/Manage Orders. You will be able to view all your orders, past and present.

How will I know if my order has been placed successfully?

a) By completing the checkout process through a series of simple instructions on the website.

b) We will send you an order acknowledgment email shortly after you place your order, and an order confirmation email detailing the product(s) you have ordered. This order confirmation email does not constitute an acceptance of your order. Your order will be accepted when you receive a dispatch email confirming that the product(s) has been dispatched to you.

c) We reserve the right to reject orders if we need to, for example, because (i) a product is unexpectedly out of stock, (ii) we can't verify your age (where the product is age-restricted), (iii) you are located outside the UAE or our OOKA delivery areas, (iv) you have not provided information that we require in order to complete your order or (v) because the product was mispriced by us. When this happens, we will let you know as soon as possible and refund any sums you have paid.

Can I edit my order after it has been placed? 

We may be able to edit your order if it has not been packed or shipped.

Please contact us immediately via the live chat on the website or by emailing: to inquire about changing your order.

How to verify my age? 

When you access our website, you will come across an age verification gateway. Alternatively, age verification can be carried out by presenting your ID upon delivery.

How do I contact Customer service? 

If you have any queries about your order or the product, please contact us by emailing: or via the live chat on the website. Our customer service operation hours are displayed on the website.

How do I return/replace a damaged or defective item? 

Please contact us via the live chat on the website or by emailing:

If the product is defective, we will replace the product with a non-defective replacement as soon as possible. We may also use our discretion to provide a refund under certain circumstances. Consumable flavor pod products are not subject to returns or refunds for hygiene reasons.

Note: If you are getting in touch about defective goods, please describe the issue and photographic evidence where possible as this will help us deal with your issue.

Please check our Terms and Conditions for more information.

What if the item is not damaged or defective and I just want to return it for a refund? 

You can return the device to us up to 14 days after the date on which the product was delivered to you and receive a full refund. This is subject to the product being returned to us unused and in its original packaging with all hygiene seals still intact. Please note:

a) We will arrange for the device to be collected from the original delivery address and cover the cost of this.

b) We may reduce your refund if you have used or damaged a product (for example, removed hygiene seals) to compensate us for its reduced value. In some cases, because of the way in which the product has been handled, no refund may be due.

c) We will aim to process your refund within 30 days of receiving the product back.

Please check our Terms and Conditions for more information.

What is the warranty period for my OOKA device?  

In addition to the rights set out above (which are not affected by this additional warranty), all of our UAE customers have a goodwill 12-month warranty for OOKA devices bought from the website.

Please check OOKA warranty terms for more information and to know how to make a claim.

What will you do with my personal information? 

Customer information is used strictly for internal marketing purposes and for fulfilling your order in the most efficient way possible.

Please check our full Privacy Policy for more details.

OOKA Device FAQs

What’s in the box? 
  • OOKA Device
  • Adjustable mouthpiece and hose
  • Water Tank 
  • Power supply unit (PSU)
  • Cleaning brush
  • Tongs
  • Replacement parts: valve stop, valve ball, downpipe seal, vent valve, Portal lid seal
  • Quick Start Guide
  • User Manual
What are the benefits of OOKA vs traditional shisha? 

In comparison to traditional shisha, OOKA is convenience personified. It is a charcoal-free shisha that requires no charcoal at all, utilizes an advanced pod-based system that delivers the ideal shisha flavor, and can be enjoyed in just 5 minutes. On top of that, OOKA is also portable and easy to assemble.

How long should I charge my OOKA device before my first session? 

When you first receive your OOKA, fully charge it for 6 hours before your first session. The best practice is to leave it charging overnight. Watch the “Charging Your OOKA” video to learn more.

How do I switch my OOKA on? 

a) If OOKA is awake (the battery lights are on), press and hold the power button until you hear a beep.

b) If the device is asleep, press the power button to wake it up, then press and hold it until you hear a beep.

Watch the "Easy Steps to Start My Session" video to know more.

When does OOKA switch off? 

OOKA automatically switches off when a shisha session ends around the 60-minute mark. To manually switch it off, just hold down the power button.

How long does pause mode last? 

OOKA can be paused for a maximum of 10 minutes.

How long is the waiting time between sessions? 

There is no break time needed between each session! Simply drop another OOKA pod and enjoy (but do enjoy responsibly).

How do I properly clean my OOKA? 

It is advisable to clean your OOKA using the cleaning brush that comes with the device after every session when your device has cooled down. You can learn more by watching the “OOKA cleaning” video.

How do I know if my session has ended? 

When your session ends, OOKA will automatically switch off with red flashing lights indicating that the device is hot and you should handle it with care. Once you see the red lights turn off, you should remove the flavor pod, clean it, and store your OOKA. Watch the “Finishing Your Session” video to know more.

How do I know if my OOKA is fully charged? 

When fully charged, the 4 battery LED indicators will be white.

Can I wash my OOKA with water? 

Absolutely not. Only the water tank can be washed with water. Please watch “OOKA cleaning” to see how to clean your OOKA properly.

How long does a fully charged battery last? 

It lasts between 3 to 4 hours, depending on atmospheric conditions.

How do I generate bigger clouds? 

In contrast to traditional shisha kits, wait for about 10 seconds between each puff to generate bigger clouds.

Why did my device stop mid-session? 

If your device stopped during a session and the Portal ring remained solid red for 20 seconds, followed by the battery LEDs flashing, it means that your device has overheated. For safety reasons, the device has switched off. Do not remove the OOKA pod. Let the device cool and start again later.

What happens if I open the Portal lid during a session? 

OOKA will beep rapidly, and the Portal ring will flash red for 10 seconds before switching off. If the lid is closed within 10 seconds, your shisha session will resume. Do note that even if your device has switched off, you may continue your remaining session by turning it back on.

How do I get rid of flavor residues or the burnt taste? 

Always remove used OOKa pods and clean your OOKA after each use. If you’re experiencing stale flavors, gently blow down the hose to expel it. You can also change your OOKA seals by using the spare set included.

Why is the Portal ring flashing white? 

If your OOKA is switched on and the Portal lid is open, the Portal ring will flash white to indicate that an OOKA pod should be inserted.

Why is the Portal ring flashing red after my session? 

The Portal ring will flash red to indicate that it is cooling down. OOKA will enter sleep mode when the device is fully cooled.

Why is the Portal ring flashing red 3 times when I’m trying to begin a session? 

This indicates that no flavor pod has been detected, the device has not been able to detect the “recipe” chip, or a used or non-genuine pod has been inserted. Either insert a new pod and/or make sure it is properly aligned in the Portal so the device can read the “recipe” chip.

Why is the Portal ring pulsing purple and then red during pause mode? 

This means that the pod cannot be paused, and your session will continue. If the pause function is activated, the Portal ring pulses purple.

What happens if I leave OOKA on pause? 

If pause mode has not been exited before the pause timer runs out, OOKA will go into cool-down mode. The next time it starts up, it will continue the previous session unless you remove the current pod and insert a new one.

Should I be worried if I accidentally knocked over my OOKA? 

In this case, OOKA will beep rapidly, and the Portal ring will flash red for 10 seconds before switching off. If it’s placed upright within 10 seconds, you can continue the session. Do not continue or switch on if the device is cracked or water has entered the device. Contact our customer care team to get help. If the device switches off, you can resume your session as long as it is safe to do so by switching the machine back on.

How do I put OOKA on travel mode? 
  1. To enter “travel mode”:
  2. Disconnect your OOKA from the PSU
  3. Open the Portal lid
  4. Press and hold the power button. The Portal ring will turn solid green; after approximately 15 seconds, when it starts to flash, release the power button and close the Portal lid.

OOKA will be in “travel mode” and the power button won’t work unless you connect OOKA to the PSU and charge it to “wake it up”.

Why won’t OOKA power up after unboxing? 

OOKA is shipped in “travel mode” to prevent it from accidentally switching on during transit. Connect your device to the PSU and a wall socket to “wake it up”. Try a different wall socket if it still doesn’t power up. Alternatively, check if your battery is fully charged. If the green LED light illuminates, but OOKA doesn’t power up, charge it for 4 hours before attempting to switch it on again.

Can I adjust the draw pressure? 

Yes. Use the airflow adjuster on the pipe to change it to your liking.

Can I turn off the device halfway through my session and continue later with the same pod? 

If you’re switching off halfway through your session, remove the pod, but remember to reinsert it to continue enjoying your remaining session. If you insert a new pod, you will lose the remaining session on the pod you have removed.

Why is my OOKA beeping rapidly? 

When the device is hot, and if the Portal lid is open (either during, at the end of a session, or when it’s cooling down), OOKA will beep rapidly, and the Portal ring will flash red to warn you about exposed hot surfaces.


How many freshness seals do I have to remove? 

There are two ‘freshness’ seals on the OOKA pod, one on the top and one on the bottom. Simply peel and dispose, then insert your pod.

How do I correctly insert a pod? 

Please ensure that the pod ring tab is facing 9 o’clock.

Watch the “OOKA Pods: How to use them” video to know more.

Do I need to keep the ring around the pod? 

Yes. Without it, your OOKA device will not work properly.

How many sessions can I have with a pod? 

Each flavor pod delivers one session.

How long does one pod or session last? 

Each session can last up to 70 minutes, depending on your usage.

When is the best time to remove the OOKA pod? 

Please remove the pod as soon as the session ends. This will ensure easy cleaning of your OOKA device after each session.

What happens if the pod is left inside the OOKA device for a long time? 

If you don’t remove the shisha flavor pod in the OOKA device after your session, there is a chance it might get stuck. If that happens, please use the tongs to remove the OOKA pod. Remember, please do not force the lid open.

Watch the “OOKA: What to do if the lid does not open” video here to learn more.

Are the pods reusable? 

While there is a pause function to ensure you can make full use of your pods, they are not reusable and will not work if inserted for a second session.

Do OOKA pods have a "best before date"? 

The “best before” date for OOKA pods is 1 year from its production date.

OOKA Privilege FAQs

How do I sign up for OOKA Privilege? 

Joining the OOKA Privilege rewards program has never been easier! Simply create a free account with us using your name, email address, and password and you will be automatically enrolled in the OOKA privilege program. You'll even earn 100 points just for signing up! Already have an account with us? Then you're already enrolled and ready to start earning rewards.

How do I sign up for OOKA Privilege points? 

The easiest way to earn points is by shopping with us online at! For every AED 1 spent, you will receive 1 point in return. Depending on which tier of the OOKA Privilege program you have reached, you can receive up to 1.5x the number of points on every purchase! There are also special actions you can take to earn rewards, such as making repeat purchases and following us on social media.

Can OOKA Privilege points be used in combination with a discount? 

No, at this time OOKA Privilege points cannot be used alongside a separate discount code.

How do I redeem my OOKA Privilege points? 

OOKA Privilege points can be redeemed during checkout when placing an order to receive a discount on your total purchase.

How do OOKA Privilege points convert to Dirhams (AED) when redeeming them? 

100 points are equal to AED 2. While higher OOKA Privilege tiers earn points at a quicker rate, the redemption rate will always be the same no matter which tier you are a part of.

Do OOKA Privilege points expire? 

If you have not earned OR redeemed any privilege points within 12 months, your points will expire. If you are actively earning or redeeming points, they will not expire.

How can I receive a birthday reward? 

To become eligible for your yearly birthday rewards, let us know when we should celebrate by entering your date of birth in the square above after you have created and logged into your account. You can also do this through the "My Rewards & Referrals" tab in your account details. Once you have added in your date of birth, we will mark it on our calendars and gift you 100 points (or more!), directly added to your account on your birthday every year.

When are my OOKA Privilege points added to my account? 

Privilege Points earned with purchase are updated and added to your account once your order officially ships out of our warehouse and you are sent a tracking number by email. Points earned through special actions may be reflected immediately on your account, except for those earned from referrals.

If you have any questions or concerns about your earned points, we are here to help! Reach out to our friendly customer service team at

How is my OOKA Privilege tier determined? 

Your OOKA Privilege tier is determined by the amount you spend over a rolling 12-month period that resets when you reach a higher tier. You are automatically enrolled in the Bronze tier as soon as you sign up for an account. Once you have earned your way into a higher tier, you'll have 12 months to spend the required amount to stay in your current tier or spend more to level up! If you do not meet the required amount for a tier after this period, you will automatically be moved to a lower tier.

Can my OOKA Privilege points be refunded to me in cash? 

No, points are non-refundable and thus cannot be redeemed for cash. They are only available as credit and can only be redeemed on an order on

I referred a friend to OOKA but have not received my points. Is there something else I need to do? 

Thank you for inviting your friends to OOKA, we sincerely appreciate it! In order for you to receive your points for the referral, your friend will first need to place an order of AED 1,550 or more using the referral link that they were provided. Once they have placed an order that meets these requirements, AED 200 worth of points will be added to your account automatically!

I submitted a review but don’t see points added to my account. When will they be added? 

Don't worry, you will receive those points! After your purchase, you will receive an email from us where you can submit an official review for the items you ordered. Once the review has been validated by our team (to filter out possible spam links or inappropriate content), points will be automatically added to your account. Your review must be submitted through one of our official review request emails in order for you to earn points.

What if I have an old account or multiple email addresses and want to combine my points? 

If you have points on a different account or wish to merge accounts, please reach out to our customer service team, who will be happy to assist.

Do I join the OOKA Privilege program if I have only signed up for the email newsletter? 

No. Signing up for our email newsletter does not enroll you in the OOKA Privilege program. The only way to be enrolled is by creating an account on through our sign-up form or by completing your first purchase.

If I completed my purchase as a guest and did not create an account, will I still be able to earn OOKA Privilege points? 

Not quite yet. The points earned for your purchase as a guest will not be available to use until you create an account on Don't worry though, we keep a record of your earnings so that once you do decide to create an account and join OOKA Privilege, all your points earned from past purchases (under the same email address) will be ready to use on your account.

Who can I talk to about queries related to my account or OOKA Privilege points? 

Our friendly customer team is standing by and ready to answer any questions you may have. You can reach us by clicking the Livechat prompt or email (, and we'll be happy to assist.