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Complete Accessories Kit

SKU: 0840299800008

1 rotating base and 1 backpack for your OOKA. Enjoy effortless sharing and take your OOKA wherever you go.

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About the OOKA Rotating Base:

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the OOKA Rotating Base boasts an exclusive design that seamlessly blends minimalism with functionality – it even allows you to place your hose on it between puffs! Combined with the revolutionary OOKA, its sleek appearance ensures that it effortlessly complements any setting, be it indoors or outdoors.

Place your OOKA on top of the Rotating Base and swivel it with a touch. With its premium construction, you will be able to feel it softly turning while offering tactile feedback to exude a touch of class. The 360-degree rotation also allows for an uninterrupted, glorified view of OOKA, ensuring that everyone in the room can share the delightful moments from any angle without missing a beat.

In a time where devices often lack a personal touch, OOKA bridges the gap between technology and emotion. It reminds us that the most meaningful moments are those we share with the people who matter, and helps make sure those moments are preserved, celebrated, and enjoyed together.

About the OOKA Backpack:

Unlike traditional shishas that are bulky, have more parts, a nightmare to pack, and require charcoal, OOKA is easy to pack and highly portable. With this premium-quality backpack, you won’t have any reason to leave home without your OOKA.

Designed using premium, water-resistant materials, this premium OOKA backpack is perfect for those seeking an adventure or are constantly on the move. The best part? It features a sculptured base that holds your OOKA in place, which prevents it from getting damaged.

The backpack has 5 compartments inside (including 1 for your laptop), 3 cardholder slots, 2 pen holders, 2 pockets on its sides and 1 at the front.

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