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Grape Mint by Al Fakher (2 Pods)

SKU: 6297001254240

Savor the taste of freshly picked grapes complemented by a touch of mint for a lingering fresh finish.Each pack contains 2 pods of the same flavor, which are packed with real, high-quality shisha molasses.

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OOKA Al Fakher Grape Mint Flavor - A Succulent Fusion

Discover the irresistible charm of Al Fakher Grape Mint flavor, now encapsulated in OOKA pods for your indulgence. This exceptional blend combines the rich essence of luscious grapes with the refreshing notes of fresh mint, offering a shisha experience that is both luxurious and revitalizing.


Uncover Tempting Taste Experiences

Grape with Mint Al Fakher is an embodiment of pure indulgence, delighting shisha aficionados with its unique fusion of succulent grapes and cool mint. This flavor journey takes your senses on a vibrant ride, unveiling layers of lush fruitiness and refreshing minty zing.


Why Choose OOKA Grape with Mint Al Fakher Flavor?

Excellence Redefined: Al Fakher's commitment to quality and taste ensures a distinctive and delightful flavor profile.

Pods of Convenience: OOKA's encapsulated innovation allows you to savor the tantalizing Grape Mint Al Fakher flavor easily.

Unparalleled Refreshment: Unlike vape grape mint liquid flavors, Al Fakher Grape Mint OOKA pods are filled with actual shisha molasses that transcends expectations, offering a burst of fruity lusciousness combined with minty rejuvenation.


Rediscover Indulgence with OOKA

Unlock the door to exceptional indulgence with OOKA's Grape Mint flavor. Crafted by Al Fakher, this flavor embodies the perfection of lush grapes and rejuvenating mint. Step into a world of taste, where each puff carries the signature touch of Al Fakher's mastery in flavor artistry. Experience grape-mint perfection with OOKA, and let your senses revel in the sublime fusion of shisha flavors.