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Gum Mint by Al Fakher (2 Pods)

SKU: 6297001254417

Soothe your senses with this subtle and light mix that delivers fresh minty undertones.Each pack contains 2 pods of the same flavor, which are packed with real, high-quality shisha molasses.

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OOKA Gum with Mint Flavor - A Refreshing Fusion by Al Fakher

Indulge in the invigorating blend of Al Fakher Gum Mint flavor, now available in OOKA pods, for a seamlessly refreshing shisha experience. If you're a connoisseur of cool and crisp flavors, this fusion of sweet gum and revitalizing mint is bound to tantalize your senses.


Enjoy a New World of Refreshment

Al Fakher Gum Mint presents a harmonious interplay of sweet gum and revitalizing mint, offering a soothing yet revitalizing sensation with every puff. This flavor journey elevates your shisha experience by delivering the cool, refreshing notes you've been craving for.


Why Choose OOKA Gum Mint Flavor?

  • Crisp and Cool Bliss: Savor the refreshing and invigorating notes of sweet gum and mint, masterfully combined for your enjoyment.
  • Pods of Convenience: OOKA brings you the unparalleled convenience of experiencing Gum Mint flavor with every inhalation in the easiest way possible.
  • Consistency and Quality: Al Fakher's reputation for excellence ensures a flavor experience that is consistently delightful.

Inhale Cool Refreshment Sensations with OOKA

Experience the rejuvenating blend of Al Fakher's Gum Mint shisha flavor through OOKA. Crafted with excellence by Al Fakher, this flavor encapsulates the essence of sweet gum and refreshing mint, now available in convenient pods for your enjoyment. Immerse yourself in the soothing yet revitalizing sensation that only Al Fakher's mastery of flavor can deliver. Elevate your shisha sessions with OOKA, and treat yourself to a symphony of crispness that leaves your taste buds tingling with satisfaction.