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Lemon Mint by Al Fakher (2 Pods)

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Enjoy a zesty mix of fresh lemons and mint for a truly invigorating session.Each pack contains 2 pods of the same flavor, which are packed with real, high-quality shisha molasses.

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OOKA Lemon Mint Flavor - A Zesty Awakening by Al Fakher

Indulge in the refreshing mix of Al Fakher Lemon Mint flavor, expertly encapsulated in OOKA pods. This enticing concoction marries the vibrant zest of fresh lemons with the refreshing coolness of mint. The result is a symphony of taste that awakens your senses and infuses your shisha moments with pure vibrancy.


Explore A Symphony of Refreshment

The Lemon Mint flavor by Al Fakher is a sought-after masterpiece adored by shisha enthusiasts across the globe. Its rejuvenating blend offers a delightful twist on the conventional, creating a harmonious fusion of citrusy tang and brisk minty notes.


Why Choose OOKA Lemon with Mint Flavor?

  • Quality Assurance: Al Fakher, the No.1 shisha brand globally, ensures unparalleled quality and taste.
  • Convenience Redefined: OOKA pods make enjoying this exquisite shisha flavor effortless and mess-free.
  • Unforgettable Experience: Lemon with Mint invigorates your session with the perfect balance of zesty citrus and cool mint.

Reimagine Refreshment with OOKA

Experience the epitome of rejuvenation with OOKA's Lemon Mint Flavor. Crafted by the renowned Al Fakher, this flavor promises an exceptional escape into the world of taste. Ditch the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary as you revel in the essence of citrusy lemons and brisk mint, all encapsulated within the convenience of an OOKA pod. Refreshment takes a new form with Lemon Mint – a tantalizing ode to invigoration and revitalization.