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OOKA Power Supply Unit (PSU)

SKU: 6297001254868

Keep your OOKA fully charged with this Power Supply Unit (PSU) and get up to 3 hours of enjoyment wherever you go.
Note: This is a spare PSU. When you purchase an OOKA, this PSU/Charger will be included in the box.

AED 89.00
4 payment(s) of AED 22.25. Zero interest
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Always charge your OOKA using the official OOKA PSU. It is recommended to charge your OOKA for at least 6 hours before your first use. This PSU features built-in overcurrent and short-circuit protection for safety. Its operating temperature range is between 0 and 35°C. Remember to keep the PSU and OOKA away from children and pets. Always store both of these devices in a dry and cool place, away from water and moisture.