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Premium OOKA Hose (Black)

SKU: 6297001520000

1 X premium OOKA hose that includes an aluminum mouthpiece, silicone hose, and connector.

AED 249.00
Free delivery for orders above 150 AED

This premium OOKA hose is made from top-grade silicone. It has a soft, almost velvety feel and comes attached with an aluminum mouthpiece, stainless steel mouthpiece tip, as well as a connector that fits your OOKA precisely. The airflow adjuster on the mouthpiece allows you to control the draw pressure, ensuring a smooth and pleasurable experience whatever your preference may be.

Why Purchase An Additional Premium OOKA Hose?

For those of you who enjoy more than a single flavor, it would be ideal to purchase an additional premium OOKA hose to avoid flavor overlaps. Since some OOKA pod flavors are stronger than others, there is a possibility that these flavors may linger. Therefore, having a dedicated hose for your favorite flavor and another hose for other lighter flavors will definitely help you enjoy your sessions to the fullest.

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