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OOKA White

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OOKA is a revolutionary, pod-based device that provides a new and innovative way of enjoying shisha.

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Introducing the OOKA Device: Elevate Your Shisha Experience

The OOKA Device is the ultimate companion for shisha enthusiasts seeking a convenient and hassle-free shisha experience. With its advanced technology, sleek design, and exceptional performance, the OOKA Device redefines the way you enjoy shisha. Elevate your relaxation, indulge in tantalizing flavors, and experience the unmatched satisfaction that OOKA brings to every shisha session.


Why Choose OOKA?

  • Quick & Convenient

  • Our advanced heat technology lets you enjoy your session in 5 minutes and can last for up to 6 hours for every charge with its long-lasting battery. Just drop a pod and enjoy—no more sticky fingers or hassle. You can also easily monitor the battery level of your device with the smart LED indicator.


  • Clean

  • Unlike traditional shishas, OOKA doesn’t require charcoal. OOKA is the cleanest way to enjoy shisha, as it produces zero carbon monoxide and has fewer toxicants than regular charcoal-heated shisha.*

    *Based on laboratory aerosol tests conducted, Carbon Monoxide was below the laboratory detection limit of 0.000097mg/ml. This does not mean that OOKA is risk-free.


  • Compact and Portable

  • Portability is at the heart of the OOKA Device. Its compact size and lightweight design make it perfect for on-the-go shisha enthusiasts. Whether you're attending a gathering with friends, embarking on a trip, or simply enjoying a shisha session in the comfort of your own home, the OOKA Device is your portable shishacompanion.

    With the all-new OOKA Backpack, portability is even easier now!


  • Rechargeable

  • Charging the OOKA Device is a breeze with the included charging cable, each complete charge can give you up to 3 sessions of unmatched shisha clouds. The fast-charging capability ensures that your device is ready for your next shisha session in no time. Simply connect the cable and let it power up while you prepare for a sensational charcoal-free shisha experience.


  • Exceptional & Unique Flavors

  • Experience the ultimate flavor and dense clouds with the OOKA pods with every puff. Combined with OOKA's meticulously crafted shisha pods, this device ensures an unmatched shisha experience.


  • Easy Maintenance and Durability

  • Cleaning and maintaining the OOKA Device is effortless. Simply remove the water from the tank and use the OOKA brush included in the box to clean the inside of the device.

How to Use OOKA?

  1. Charge the OOKA Device fully using the included charging cable until it reaches full battery. The best practice is to charge your OOKA device overnight before first use.
  2. Fill the tank with water to the line indicated.
  3. Connect the hose.
  4. Drop your favorite Pod flavor.
  5. Power up by holding the power button until the outer ring is fully lit.
  6. Wait until you hear the beep and the portal ring is in solid amber to indicate that your session is ready.
  7. Adjust the flow pressure to your preferred level and enjoy every puff.

Note: All the steps are illustrated with detailed instructions and images in the quick start manual included with the device.


How to Clean Your OOKA Device?

  1. Wait until the red portal ring goes off.
  2. Remove the water from the tank.
  3. Use the OOKA brush to clean the inside of the device.

Order your OOKA Device and bundles today and embark on a shisha journey like no other. Rediscover the joy of hassle-free, flavorful, and convenient shisha sessions. The OOKA Device is your gateway to a world of shisha excellence.