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Two Apples “Polaris” by Zodiac – Zero Nicotine (2 Pods)

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The classic, renowned taste and flavor of delectable juicy green and red apples, now without nicotine. Each pack contains 2 pods of the same flavor, which are packed with premium-quality tea-based molasses and have zero nicotine.

AED 60.00
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Polaris by Zodiac – A Succulent Favorite
Experience the delectable flavor of juicy apples without having to worry about nicotine. Crafted to perfection, this timeless flavor is a favorite amongst many across different continents. Perfectly blended by artisan shisha masters using premium tea-based molasses, Polaris by Zodiac delivers all the things you want in a session – flavorful clouds, silky smoothness and sweet satisfaction.
All the Flavor. Zero Nicotine.
The harmonious blend of delectable red and green apples will tantalize your taste buds with its silky-smooth and richly satisfying cloud. The fruity aroma is accentuated by a slight undertone of anise (black licorice) that complements the sweetness of apples. And without nicotine, this blend is perfect for anyone to try, be it for beginners or enthusiasts.
Why Choose Polaris by Zodiac?
- World-renowned Flavor: The classic taste of delectable and juicy double apple is a sure hit. You just can’t go wrong with this amazingly balanced flavor that is enjoyed the world over.
- Silky Smooth: Enjoy and dive into a world of bliss. Savor the velvety clouds and experience its smoothness for yourself.
- Nicotine-free: Aside from the fusion of sweet and fruity notes, you’ll get to fully enjoy flavors without having to think about nicotine. In short, a win-win!