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Lemon with Mint “Solar” by Zodiac – Zero Nicotine (2 Pods)

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The fan-favorite flavors of zesty lemon, a touch of mint with a nicotine-free twist. Each pack contains 2 pods of the same flavor, which are packed with premium-quality tea-based molasses and have zero nicotine.

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Solar by Zodiac - A Zesty Indulgence
If you’re looking for a perk-me-up or a refreshing hit to get you in the mood, we’ve got the perfect solution: Solar by Zodiac. Epitomizing zest in all its form, this blend is the ideal go-to for sessions with a dash of excitement thrown in. This non-nicotine, tea-based blend offers a delightful twist on the conventional, creating a harmonious fusion of citrusy tang and brisk minty notes.
All the Flavor. Zero Nicotine.
Crafted by artisan shisha masters, Solar by Zodiac is made with premium tea-based molasses for the best flavor and cloud, without the worry of nicotine. By infusing just the right amount of mint, the blend transports you to a realm of tranquility. Did we also mention that they’re also hand-packed to perfection just for you?
Why Choose Solar by Zodiac?
- Invigorating Freshness: By meticulously blending the precise amount of mint and lemon, our shisha masters have created Solar by Zodiac, your answer to all things invigorating and refreshing.
- Crafted for You: Like all our OOKA pods, Solar by Zodiac is hand-packed by artisan shisha masters. Together with OOKA’s intelligent heating technology, you’re assured of flavors and clouds from the beginning till the end of your session.
- All the Flavor. Zero Nicotine: By using premium tea-based molasses and perfecting this blend after meticulous refinement, we offer you the best lemon and mint flavor without the worries of nicotine.